Stop Thinking – Start Living

As I sat in the quiet semi-dark room staring into space with tears streaming down my face, my 10-year-old daughter walks in and asks, “What are you doing?”  Tearfully I answered “I’m thinking.” 

 She asked, “Thinking about what?” 

 I said, “I am thinking about granddaddy.” 

 She paused for just a second and said “Well, stop thinking, start living.” 

 Her words were so simple, yet filled with meaning far beyond what she even imagined at the time.  I was thinking of my father as I sat in the room, in the very chair, that he most often sat in. 

 What made the words even more poignant was that it was the very kind of thing that my father would say.  Somehow my 10-year-old was speaking like she had learned more from her grandfather than I had from my own father.  Sometimes it takes a child’s perspective of things to make the complicated seem simple. How much of our time do we spend thinking when we could be living? 

 I know she meant that I should get out of the chair and stop feeling sorry for myself and start living this one more day that I was blessed to have.  As with anything, that is simple to know, yet hard to do. It’s taken me some time to try to really live up to those words, and of course, every day it’s a challenge.

 So, what can we do to continue to “Stop Thinking and Start Living”? 


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