End of November…(trio)

cold november rain

the urge to relapse versus

fear of losing you

full november moon

unconditional lovers

share pain and a quilt

november twilight

the first mistletoe above

fragile human limbs

Verse and photo credit: CCS

2 thoughts on “End of November…(trio)

  1. Read this again and felt everything deep in my soul. I believe Haiku trios as a poetic form allow wonderful concision to express the most important in our lives. When it comes to personal accomplishments we often feel devoid, deluded. I strongly recommend you and the rest of your followers here to read my friend Mario Savioni’s novel (very short chapters) “Pickles and Tarts”. A lot of what your lovely poem expresses is there as well: what one dares to dream but cannot always accomplish and, also, as your verse tells “fear of losing you”: “Frank thought about this. Was he looking for a partner or someone to have sex with? He did not think beyond that simple, single transaction — the satisfaction of his baser needs, not realizing that his needs might go on given the possibility of this opportunity and mutual attraction.” Excerpt from here: https://savioni.wordpress.com/2019/02/27/pickles-and-tarts-chapter-8/

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