After Reading Poe…

Exhale…the flame of the pumpkin spice candle flickers and bends. Not again. The voice is real. I look for a body, anybody. But outside my window the city street is deserted. Wind-swept paper bags and rolling beer bottles speak their own language.


The voice is demanding. A primal growl from the belly of an insatiable beast. Next, the emotional plea. It knows me…

“Please, use our favorite color”

NO! I beg Siri to play my Meditation playlist. This never works. Nothing works. Shallow breaths amplify. I brace for more seduction…

“I need YOU”

“I want YOU”

“I am YOU”

I resist. I throw things. I break things. I scream. I cry. I pray. Loneliness cripples my resistance. I surrender. I draw…

old shoebox

my collection of broken

red crayons

Monte © 2019 CCS

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